"I'm an undercover tomboy," 2010.

He wakes up lying in a white plain trembling, with not a tree in sight. Just land--a flat land--expands around him.

As he stands, another trembling occurs, discernible only by the feeling under his feet. The movement strikes a difference in the flatness.

Earth shakes away to uncover two glass planes that rise up from the grounds beneath him. He sees that the planes are curved--flawlessly curved--each end of each plane touching slightly as to not test their respective brittle qualities. They form a perimeter around him, insulating the air, still steadily rising, until finally they stop and tower above him. The trembling of both the grounds and his body altogether cease.

In the silence, he is confronted with two opposing concave reflections of his naked body. On the glass plane in front of him, the reflection of his pubic hair, stretched at an unreasonable length, finds his eyes first. Transposed on the image of the flat lands behind, it is an ominous black cloud.

He twists his torso to look behind him. His ass is horribly white. The brute angles of his buttocks, when reflected, are far less acute. They broaden out to smooth sensual curves, undulating slowly. His gaze slips all around the panoramic curvature without the slightest reason to stop.

He looks up momentarily from his ride, sees a glimpse of the gigantic stretched eyes looking back at him and, as if shaken from a dream, looks and turns away.

© Edward Tong-Ha Chung, 2010-2015
All Rights Reserved